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What's Your New Years Resolution?

Yeah yeah yeah, #NewYearNewMe is a little overdone but why can’t it be totally inspirational? Why not get a fresh start on something that could better you?!

So what’s your New Year’s Resolution?!

My resolution is to mold my reality into what I want it to be, because life is short and if you’re not as happy as you could be, why live the way you’re living?

It all ties in to a healthier lifestyle – maybe more from a mental perspective than a physical goal, like finally getting that bikini body. You can control your reality with the choices you make, though usually change doesn’t happen over night. Remembering that each day is an opportunity to bring you closer to where you want to be, and taking advantage of that with a positive attitude.

For me, I’d like to change my surroundings. I want to be in a better geography, build better/newer relationships past just hanging out with those old college homies. With this comes a new job, a better working environment, and everything else I feel I’ve been lacking for a while. 2018 is the year to make positive changes towards a more fulfilling and happy life!


I LOVE this! Did you read You Are A Badass because this sounds a lot like how that book starts (only on chapter 2 now!).

Also, you’ll really get all of that when you move to Denver. My mood changed for the better, I’m healthier in mind and body, and I’ve done a ton of new, cool things with new, cool people. So excited for your 2018 :slight_smile:

My New Year’s resolution is to have a healthier 2018, make more money, and don’t give up on my goals. I just really want to be happy.

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These are all great! I have a whole list of things I’d like to do this year. I don’t know if I’ll get them all done but some of the things I’ve put on my list are:

  • Volunteering at my church’s nursing home
  • Organize my photos and make a photo album
  • Manage my money better (and make more of it)
  • Make a point to go outside more than I do
  • Get over my shyness/insecurities and put myself out there more
  • Hang that stupid shelf I’ve been meaning to hang for about a year now
  • Send more letters

So far, I’m not doing super great but there are still 11+ months left!

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I’m all about getting into a better mental perspective, like jazzercize mentioned, and mainly because I want to start getting healthier physically too. I think they really go hand in hand. My biggest goal is to quit smoking. I’d love to have that ideal bikini body (meaning I would just like to have a body I feel good about), but I also know that if I’m taking cigarettes out of the equation, i.e. appetite suppressants, then my bikini body might be a little further away than I’d like.

So right now, I’m trying to find a new habit to form that takes its place, and find something else that I can do to help relieve my stress.