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What makes a truly great leader? A few skills that are extraordinary or being pretty darn good at a lot of things?

I wonder which one is more important. What do you see in your orgs?

TBH, being a people person makes a great leader. Knowing things is great, but I was once told to never be the smartest person in the room!

The best boss I ever had (male, early 30s) was a killer writer, His life was content and writing, but he led an agency with a team of 6 that had all different skills - 6 different people who knew A LOT more than him on their respective topics. He always told us that he never wanted to be the smartest person in the room because he always wanted to be learning, even from the people below him.

He was also just a great person. We had a ton of fun at work, made us feel comfortable 24/7, understood that life happens and didn’t blink an eye if someone needed a day off, and trusted us 100% to get our jobs done.

THAT is a great leader!

Well, i don’t think it’s realistic for any one person to be great at everything. I think there are some visionary leaders out there who are so one sided - they have vision or are great at one thing and use that as their crutch to not learn enough of the skills they lack. Like Steve Jobs was one of the worst managers out there - because he was such a visionary, he was never forced into becoming a better people person. I guess most people aren’t Steve Jobs - and it’s better to be pretty darn good at many things than being abolutely the best at one or two.

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I think that there are several skills that can make a great leader, but one person doesn’t need to possess all of them in order to become one. Being innovative and a visionary is definitely a top priority. I think it’s also important for them to be able to assess the strengths of their employees and to delegate appropriately. They should also create environments that are conducive to experimenting and voicing new ideas. Finally, they should have a strong conviction and be passionate about what they do; those are the kind of people that others want to follow.

There are more, of course, those are just the things that come to mind right now!