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Welcome to The Forem! Start Here

Welcome to The Forem, your community to connect with each other, mentors, and career experts. Our goal is to get you further, faster in your career. Our community has been built so that we can all share challenges and wins, both in life and at work, because ultimately they are inextricably tied.

Together, we can rewrite the rules.

Now speaking of rules, we have a few of our own. We want this platform to be a safe space to communicate, so there are a few things we won’t tolerate.

1. Women Only. The Forem is a platform strictly for those who identify as a woman. No guys allowed. #SorryNotSorry

2. Attacking of any kind is not welcome. We’re already being attacked from every angle of society - let’s not contribute to that. Conversations that happen in this community can be controversial. You may disagree with a fellow member, but any kind of attacking, name-calling, bullying, abuse, or trolling is not acceptable and will be cause for immediate silencing, suspending, or termination from the community.

3. Keep things organized. We have categories and tags so you can find answers and give advice easily. Please keep your posts in the correct category or tag. If you’d like to suggest a new category or tag, please email community@theforem.co

4. Be respectful and open-minded. Conversations in The Forem are meant to be educational and conversational. Be respectful of differing ideas and keep an open mind when chatting with someone who you disagree with.

5. Promotions. We want you to promote the things you love and your business. To ensure others can find it, we will house it in the thread which we’ll label clearly with promotion. Please keep your promotions within that thread.

Be kind, be open, and be giving. We’re all in this together. It’s time to level the playing field. It’s our turn.

Welcome to The Forem.