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The linkedin post I desperately needed when looking for a role

I once took a job I was flattered to be offered. They sold me hard and it was a big role - what I didn’t do was evaluate the culture and when I arrived it was a company in decay with unhappy employees who had been slogging it out for a decade. I should have moved beyond my ego and turned down the role

Anyway - I should have researched CIA style to Lauren’s point - attached!

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Great post! It’s absolutely true, too. One time in college, my friend and I were eating at this restaurant, and the owner was serving us. At the end she told us that we seemed like “nice girls” and she’d love for us to fill out applications to work there. We did it and were immediately hired when we handed her the paper. We were just excited to have an opportunity land on our laps with zero effort on our parts. Needless to say, it was a terrible place to work and we found out she went through servers like hot cakes. I quit almost immediately.