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Someone else said to me today - as a woman, every woman boss I've had (especially older generations) tend to be very controlling ...fearful of change and extremely frustrated individuals. Is this common?

i always thought the opposite. Women who are older have really mellowed out (including me). I couldn’t micromanage if I tried at this stage in my career. She works in consulting as a bit more context

I suppose it depends on what you count as “older.” I think that older people, or maybe more specifically people who have been with the company for a very long time and/or in their position for a good length of time, might just be resistant to change because they have that “That’s just now how things are done,” mentality. I find this fairly common with older people who have already settled into their groove. Additionally, if they’ve been challenged a lot in the past, they might be overly defensive and aggressive about it. I don’t know think this only applies to women either.