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Solving the Disappearing Women Problem

Another great one re: women in the workforce. Disappearing Women = women who start out somewhat equal to men in terms of proportionate size and then slowly stagnate in career acceleration while men rise up the ranks.

Some stats:
1.Women MUST have P&L experience. LADIES - take note.

  1. Building relationships and networking is critical.
    – “Women sometimes think putting their heads down and just being really, really good, and doing a better job than the next person is all they need to do. Especially in the upper echelons, relationships and networking mean so much. At senior levels, it’s about senior-level executives making a call about the handful of people that they trust to run the company.”

  2. for every 100 women promoted, 130 men are promoted.

  3. By the time women reach the SVP level, they hold just 20 percent of line roles, which are most likely to lead to the C-suite.

  4. Making progress on gender equality requires not just that women be placed in senior roles, but also that they are successful in them. Especially for organizations hiring women from outside the company - supporting their integration through focused onboarding plans is essential.

  5. Make work/life flexibility available for everyone, not just women

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We can do just as much or more than any man. Just because we don’t have the right equipment and crappy attitudes, that shouldn’t affect the fact that we do our jobs better than men.