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Men Taking Responsibility

Morgan Spurlock Calls Himself ‘Part Of The Problem’ Regarding Sexual Misconduct
“So starting today, I’m going to be more honest with you and myself. I’m going to lay it all out in the open.”

This is a great start. We need men to really look internally and help lead a world that is equal and safe for those they inhabit it with.

Morgan Spurlock Calls Himself ‘Part Of The Problem’ Regarding Sexual Misconduct

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Men think that by admitting what they did and saying they are ashamed and sorry for he abuse they dolled out is enough. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not enough. They should all be doing jail time if you ask me.

Perhaps I’m jaded, but this sounds more like someone coming forward before someone else does. The very beginning says “I don’t sit by and wonder ‘who will be next?’ I wonder, ‘when will they come for me?’” I think the exercise is valuable, of course. Men should be looking at their past actions and realizing that they may be part of the problem. I’m also glad these women are getting an apology from him, but I think these stories belong to the victims.

I know James Franco has gotten a lot of crap lately, but I really liked how he responded to his accusers.

“I have my own side of this story, but I believe in these people that have been underrepresented getting their stories out enough that I will hold back things that I could say just because I believe in that much,” he said. “If I have to take a knock because I’m not going to try and actively refute things, then I will, because I believe in it that much.”