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Golden Globes 2018 - Let's Discuss!

UHM… How great were the Golden Globes last night?! Oprah gave me all the feels (I literally cried), Natalie Portman’s sass was to die for, and the fact that everyone but 3 women wore all black was incredible!

What was your favorite part?

Hahaa, as if I can ever stay awake. Was up for Laura Dern, then fell asleep. Her acceptance speech was perfect and I LOVE our new collective North Star. “May we teach our children that speaking out without the fear of retribution is our culture’s new North Star.””

I did feel the men could have talked more, like Alex Skarsgard. He missed a HUGE opportunity to discuss domestic violence, name a hotline, say SOMETHING. That’s what his character was, an abuser and I was waiting for his message to women or to men.

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I thought it was a great show of solidarity for the women to wear black. I honestly didn’t even know there were three people who didn’t.

I think my favorite moment has to go to Natalie Portman. I’m all about that sass.

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