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Alli Tip #1: Let Her Be Heard

It is my personal belief that men and women - together- will contribute to an equitable workplace. I wrote this - a simple & clear way managers can make women on their team feel heard and ensure their impact is broader. And it’s just so simple.

We will start compiling a list of things women and men can do at work to improve equality on a day to day basis. This is the start of this list. Ally tip #1.

Please let me know areas of friction within your work and thoughts on how to retrain and equip management to lead more effectively. Would love to hear from you

This is a great article! I particularly like the third one. I think it’s so easy for people to categorize women as either meek or aggressive. Once they’re labeled, it also seems difficult for them to be seen as anything else.

I also think it’s important for men to realize how their own actions may have silenced someone in the past so that they can rectify the uncomfortable environment they may have unwittingly created. I think that having someone who has previously silenced a woman become the person who asks her for her opinion can be a great step forward for all parties involved.

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